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What it is and why we pay

Android calls

Although the number of calls we make has been reduced significantly, since it is preferred to send a message on WhatsApp, for example, we continue making calls with our Android phone. In fact, calls are still included in our rates in the vast majority of cases. This means that the calls are free, although in many cases we have to pay the call establishment.

This is something that generates doubts among many users. What is call establishment? Why do we have to pay for it? They are very common questions for most. Therefore, Below we give answers to these questions, so there is no doubt.

What is call establishment

Call by telephone

The origin of the call establishment takes place in the time at which operators had to return on investments, especially in the times when mobile networks were just beginning to be deployed. These huge investments had to be recovered, so some costs between calls were introduced. Since the operators charge each other for customer communications. That is why in the past it was more expensive to call from one operator to another.

The call establishment is a type of fee that we have to pay the company as a connection. It is something we pay only at the time when there is a call, that is, the other person has picked up the phone. It is charged because it is a necessary step in the communication between two phones. Although this cost is something that has been criticized a lot over the years.

Since for an operator, the cost of establishing such a call is minimal. It is estimated to be less than 1 cent, while for users the payment is in many cases about 30 cents. Although over the years this establishment has been uploaded, because the calls were less and money was lost. An interesting detail is that Spain is one of the few countries in Europe that continues to charge call establishment to users.

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At the moment there have been no new increases in its price for a long time. While it would not be a surprise to happen in the future. Especially since it is called less, which causes operators to lose this income. They compensate for the increased use of mobile data, but it is something that could happen.

Can this payment be avoided?

Call establishment runs only when the other person picks up the phone. Reason why in the past it was so common to make a missed call, so you don't have to pay money for anything. In any case, there are currently ways to make calls without paying this amount. So they allow us to communicate with our friends at all times without too much trouble.

Applications like Telegram, WhatsApp or Google Duo allow us to make calls at all times. They are completely free calls, although for this we need an Internet connection, either a WiFi or mobile data. But they are a way to call without paying this call establishment. They are also options that are gaining market presence over time. So it is a possibility that can be taken into account in this regard. Even WhatsApp Web will have calls shortly.

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Also, even if you have to have an Internet connection, these calls can be cheap if we have unlimited mobile data rates, an option that is gaining market presence. There are more and more rates of this type, which also leave us with very good prices, so it is an option of enormous interest in that regard. Although calling normally, even if you have to pay for the call establishment, it is not much problem, if we have a fee with calls included in it.