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Watch the official trailer of Solo: A Star Wars Story

The history of Star Wars seems to last another time, because since Disney took the saga has continued the history of the episodes, and not only that but also have made a good spin off and now again make another position between the official episodes of the story, and this time it focuses onHan Solo.

The new Star Wars movie hit theaters next25 of May, and now we can observe the official trailer, which shows more action scenes, scenes and characters of the film, all to know the most shameless side of Han Solo accompanied by Chewbacca and his friend Lando Calrissian.

In the cast are large artists such asEmilia Clarke,Alden Ehrenreich,Woody harrelson,Donald Glover,Thandie Newton,Phoebe Waller-BridgeYPaul Bettany, with which expectations seem to have increased a bit, and for now we will have to wait a little over a month to finally witness the premiere of this new Star Wars spin off that Disney brings us.

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