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Twitter again allows line breaks in the biography

Along these lines we will see what a line break on Twitter and why it is so important that the microblogging social network returns to allow line breaks in the biograph.

There are other networks like Instagram, for example, that allow these line breaks for a long time, if not from the beginning. The line breaks have returned after the improvements they have made to the social network in their latest update where their design has been renewed.

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Now, and after the brief disappearance of this useful feature, come back for users to recover the possibility of improving the biography of their profiles giving order and structure.

As we say, the line breaks are suitable for structuring and putting the text we want at each beginning of the paragraph or line. In this way we improve the visualization of the information.

Image - Twitter again allows line breaks in the biography

To all this, a line break is that, a jump to the next paragraph and is achieved by pressing the "Enter" button on our mobile or computer.

Of course, that the line jump returns is not synonymous that we all work. Moreover, it depends on which device you are viewing the biography, since in some it will work out well and in others it will be seen as an amalgam of text and icons and links. Apart from this, it is convenient to know that, if we have used up the available characters (160), the line breaks will not work.

That said, go to the Play Store or App Store and update Twitter to the last version to be able to have the line breaks and thus have a more orderly, visual and structured biography.

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Have you got the line break in your Twitter bio? What do you highlight most about Twitter?