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Today the update to the latest version of Windows 10 begins


Today the update to the latest version of Windows 10 begins

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April 30, 2018

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It will not be called Spring Creators Update finally but it will still arrive in spring, even if it does so with some delay over the date originally planned for its launch: Microsoft he confirmed to us on Friday that the update to the latest version of Windows will start today and now it's time to review everything we need to know about her.

The update to the latest version of Windows 10 starts today

Effectively, Microsoft he announced to us on Friday that his update April 2018 (which can be called that by the hairs, actually) would start the day 30, that is, today. It must be taken into account, however, that as has happened with previous updates, that does not mean that we will receive it immediately, but that we must be patient and be aware that it is a large process that Redmond treats to carry out with the maximum possible security and that, therefore, will be relatively slow.

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To make sure the update goes as smoothly as possible, Microsoft It will begin sending it to the devices that have the highest compatibility assured, which means, as always, that the first ones that will receive it are the devices Surface and some of the newest models of tablets and PCs of its partners. From there and according to the feedback they get, it will expand to more models.

It is best to simply wait for our team to receive it automatically, knowing that even if we are at the top of the list, that will not free us from some waiting. However, if the impatience overcomes us, it is always possible to force the update and do it in a way manual if our device is compatible through the update wizard Windows (the version that would interest us is the 1803).

The most interesting news of the new version of Windows 10

With regard to the news that will leave us, probably the most interesting is the introduction at the end of Timeline, which was already one of the most anticipated for the Fall Creators Update but finally did not arrive with it. For those who have not heard of it, it is basically a menu of recent apps, which will give us quick access to all the ones we have used in the last 30 days, allowing us to resume the activity right where we left it.

The most interesting news that will bring us the next update of Windows 10

The most interesting news that will bring us the next update of Windows 10

Although that is the most anticipated, there are a few more news that will be very welcome, as a new option for share files via bluetooth more easily, new options to organize more comfortably the quick contacts and improvements for Edge that we have become accustomed to expect from each update and that this time include support for progressive web applications and a new reader for ePUB.

To all this we must add that we will appreciate some differences in design, since Fluent Design it extends even more throughout the system in this version, and of course the mandatory performance and stability improvements will not be lacking either. We hope that the waiting list treats you well and you can enjoy them all soon.