They filter Zuckerberg conversations with Facebook employees

They filter Zuckerberg conversations with Facebook employees

More than a year ago, the history of Facebook and its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, do not go the best way since the Cambridge Analytica scandal and, apparently, within the company its destiny is also perceived a future disaster. According to the filtering of an audio made public by The vergeLast July, Zuckerberg held a couple of meetings with Facebook employees about the challenges of the company where, in addition, he criticized the campaign promise of Republican Senator Elizabeth Warren of ending monopolies to promote competitive markets.

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Elizabeth Warren, who has expressed that she wants “a government that makes sure that everyone, even the largest and most powerful companies in the United States, complies with the rules,” is one of the strongest candidates to occupy the White House in the future. . Warren looks to Facebook when he thinks that, for example, he has too much influence not only on people's daily lives, but on a broader level in the economy and democracy of his country.

"Today's big tech companies have too much power, too much power over our economy, our society and our democracy," Warren explained in a text published in Medium.

But, according to Zuckerberg, if Warren became president and tried to dissolve his company, he will defend himself. And there will be a legal war between the government and Facebook:

“You have someone like Elizabeth Warren, who thinks that the correct answer is to divide the companies if she is elected president, then she will bet that we will have a legal challenge, and will bet that we will win the legal lawsuit. And that still stinks to us? S. I mean, I don't want to have an important lawsuit against our own government. But look, at the end of the day, if someone is going to try to threaten something so existential, you go there and fight. ”

After that The verge He announced Zuckerberg's conversations with his employees, Warren tweets that it will be a shame not to be able to solve “a corrupt system that allows giant companies like Facebook to engage in illegal anti-competitive practices, trample on consumer privacy rights and repeatedly lose its responsibility to protect our democracy ”.

However, Zuckerberg also raised in the audios that the "break" of companies like Google or Amazon, are not the best solution.

“It really won't solve the problems. And, you know, it does not make electoral interference less likely. It makes it more likely, because now companies cannot coordinate and work together, ”he says.

Zuckerberg tried to address the main concerns of his employees by resolving some of his concerns, such as why he has refused to testify in front of some foreign governments. "It really makes no sense for me to go to audiences in all countries that want me to introduce myself," he replied. He also talked about "the uncomfortable implementation of Libra (the cryptocurrency developed by Facebook)", and even about his plans to stop the growth of TikTok with a new product called Lasso, which be implemented in Mexico and in countries where your competitor is not as strong.

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