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These are the 4 key points of the iPhone 11 Pro Max

iphone "width =" 640 "height =" 336 "class =" aligncenter size-large wp-image-285518 "srcset =" 640x336.jpg 640w, 320w, pro-camaras-768x403.jpg 768w, 800w, iphone-11-pro-camaras-681x358.jpg 681w, 1200w "sizes =" (max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px "/></p><p>During its September keynote, Apple revealed its three new iPhone models to the world: <strong>iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max</strong>. All three are excellent mobile phones, but the differences between the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Pro Max can be abysmal.</p><div class=

However, before acquiring an iPhone 11 Pro, it is important to be well informed about all its features: what advantages it offers with respect to the other models, what novelties Apple has implemented, how long its battery lasts and a long etc.

And is that the iPhone 11 Pro Max is available at a very high price, specifically from 1,259 euros. So, if you are thinking of buying it, today we tell you all the best features and strengths Apple's most advanced mobile phone, the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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The key points of the iPhone 11 Pro Max

1. Battery


Without any doubt, the iPhone 11 Pro Max battery is one of its most outstanding features, most beasts. Not only does it have a much better battery (with greater capacity) than its younger siblings, but it is also superior to the battery of other smartphones in the market.

That's right, we can say without fear of being wrong that the 3,969 mAh battery of the iPhone 11 Pro Max offers the greatest autonomy in any mobile phone today. We saw recently a video battery test and it has been shown that the battery of the iPhone 11 Pro Max lasts longer than the battery of the Huawei Mate 30 Pro and the battery of the Galaxy Note 10+, two of the phones that had the most brutal battery so far.

2. Screen

iPhone 11 pro max camera

The iPhone 11 Pro Max screen is also one of the best on the market, not only for its size, but also for its color accuracy, brightness, contrast radius, low reflectance or the little variation in brightness with different viewing angles.

In fact, from DisplayMate they ensure that the Super Retina XDR screen of the iPhone 11 models is the best on the market. Therefore, it is another point to take into account when choosing the 11 Pro Max.

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3. Camera

iPhone 11 pro cameras

If there is an element among the hardware components that Apple has improved considerably is the camera. Especially on the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Both models have a triple lens camera system to offer users all kinds of improvements over other iPhone models.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max camera has three 12 megapixel lenses: a telephoto lens, a wide angle lens and an ultra wide angle lens. They also offer a new Night mode which allows you to take pictures in low light conditions with surprising quality. In addition, its ultra wide angle lens is capable of enlarging the dynamic range of your photos and videos. The portrait mode has advanced bokeh and provides double optical image stabilization.

4. Size

iPhone 11 vs iPhone 11 pro

The size of a mobile phone, for many, matters. And in this sense the iPhone 11 Pro Max is the best among all iPhone models. If you plan to buy a mobile phone to consume audiovisual content, edit photographs or videos and surf the web, the immense screen of the 11 Pro Max is ideal.

Apple's iPhone 11 Pro Max has a Super Retina XDR display of 6.5 inches with OLED technology. This screen provides a resolution of 1,242 x 2,688 pixels with a density of 458 pixels per inch.


The iPhone 11 Pro Max is the most advanced iPhone in Apple's history. In addition to all these features we could also mention that it offers a little more waterproof (up to 4 meters deep) than the iPhone 11. But maybe not everyone wants to pay so much money just for these developments.

These are the key points when deciding to buy an iPhone 11 Pro Max instead of an iPhone 11 or an iPhone 11 Pro. However, the new generation mobile phones of the company of the logo of the bitten apple also have their defects. For example, lack of innovation. Its design is practically identical to the terminals that presented last year, except for the triple camera system and little else. In addition, the leap of hardware with respect to its predecessors has also not been very large. But you have the last decision, update your mobile phone with the iPhone 11 Pro Max?

These are the 4 key points of the iPhone 11 Pro Max
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