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The iPhone 11 no longer supports 3D Touch

Behind is that presentation in 2015 in which Apple introduced the iPhone 6s. His main novelty? The 3D Touch, a functionality that allows you to display contextual mens with various options in many applications. This novelty has been present in the last iPhone XS, however, Apple has removed it from the last iPhone 11.

A function that users liked very much

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There have been many users who have lamented this change of 3D Touch for Haptic Touch, and that is, there were many who really used 3D touch with their mobile terminals and who already regretted the loss of this technology in the last iPhone XR.

There are few media that have speculated on the reasons for the absence of 3D Touch in the new iPhone 11. And, there are several users who point out that these new iPhone can support reversible charging with the help of upcoming updates, for what which, The 3D Touch will be incompatible.

Haptic touch or 3D Touch, which is better?

haptic touch

Apple ensures that the options of Haptic Touch functions are the same as 3D Touch, but the truth is that they are not. The Haptic Touch works on the flashlight, the camera, the control center or on the keyboard itself when composing a message, however, its functionality and use is much more restricted I was with 3D touch.

We will finally see if Apple is able to give Haptic Touch the relevance of its predecessor technology and if users get used to it and make use of it in the day of this function. A fact that is very relevant to the constant evolution of Haptic Touch.

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