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The Huawei Vision TV looks like a TV, but don't call it that

huawei vision tv

It is not a television. It's more like a smart phone with a big screen. This is how an interesting and innovative product called Huawei Vision was described in the September event of Huawei, which has artificial intelligence (AI) functionality to achieve an intelligent and fluid interaction between humans and the device.

In addition to offering all the functions of a regular television, the Huawei Vision also serves as a control center for the smart home, in addition to working with the Internet of Things. Since it is always in standby or standby, you can talk at any time and enjoy your favorite series, control your smart home or make video calls, all from the comfort of your sofa.

Its design is elegant, with a metal frame, and its 4K quantum dot screen is available in 55, 65 and 75 inches. Later, an 85-inch version will be released. It has a great 5.1 professional sound cinema style, which has eight speakers, a subwoofer and a reflector. "With Huawei Vision, even video calls with your loved ones will look like great Hollywood productions," says the company.

An outstanding function is multiscreen collaboration, with One-Hop projection and the Huawei Share option to immediately exchange files between devices of the brand. In addition, with the HiLink connection, you can link and control a large number of devices from different categories of your smart home from the same place.

Touch remote control

huawei vision tv control

To control this new device, a remote control with Bluetooth 5.0 connection and a minimalist design was created, featuring a touch panel on the upper end and some buttons. Press a button and your phone will be connected to the Huawei Vision. The same happens with other devices. The control charges quickly and your battery lasts up to three months.

Other functions announced for this device are AI Kids, to take care of children's eyes, and AI Fitness, a kind of virtual personal trainer.

Huawei did not reveal a release date or pricing information for its Vision TV, but we will keep you informed when we have news.

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