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The 5 games you can play from the Google search!

It is true that Google is one of the most used web tools today, because over time the developers have been implementing both improve and some games that any user can enjoy easily, this is certainly something that differentiates Google other search engines, being a tool, useful and also fun.

Below we will show you some of the games that you may not know about the platform:

Also remember that all these games can be enjoyed both on computers and mobile devices.

Atari Breakout

The first game we will talk about is Atari Breakout, a truly clasific game. To play this game, the only thing you have to do is enter our Internet browser later, we will have to go to the Google images tab and write Atari Breakout, in this way all the images will become blocks and we will start playing.

Cat or Tic Tac Toe

Next we have the classic game of the Cat or also known as Tic Tac Toe, and to play it we will have to write the word in the search engine Tic Tac Toe, with that being enough to start a game against the machine or some other player.

Pac man

Now it is time to show a game that is simply part of the childhood of many users in the network, so we refer to Pac man the classic game created by Tru Iwatani, and that for many years has given us hours and hours of fun, for what in Google could not miss this classic. To play it, just write pac man (in lowercase), and then control Pac Man with the arrow keys.


Another classic game in the history of video games is Snake, the classic viborite game that made Nokia 3310 so popular. However, Google's game is not the same as what we know, in fact, we can only access this game if we do it directly from the doodle of the Chinese new year.

You can enter this link If you want to try it, that will give you a really big surprise to see the change of rules with the traditional Snake …

Spooky Cat

Finally we have Spooky Cat, which is made by the American celebration known as Halloween, and where we will have to eliminate the ghosts with an adorable kitten. To access this game we must enter the repository of Doodles

the 5 games you can play from the (t) games within the google browser (t) breakout (t) doodle (t) entertainment (t) cat (t) google (t) pacman (t) snake (t) spooky cat (t) tic tac toe