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Sony eliminates the integration of PlayStation 4 with the social network

Time back seems to have been the time when Facebook seemed to be the standard of social networks, the place where everyone was, the platform where everything happens. The new generations have made other spaces, such as Instagram and TikTok, their new meeting places. At the same time, much of the conversation has moved to bounded platforms such as WhatsApp.

In that context, Sony has announced that it eliminates Facebook integration with PlayStation 4. As of October 7, the integration of the social network with the PS4 system is no longer available, explains the Japanese company.

From Facebook they do not close the door for the integration to return with the signing of a new collaboration agreement with Sony

PlayStation 4 has said goodbye to Facebook


The sharing features of PlayStation 4 remain the same, as Sony has assured, only that Facebook cease to be part of them. This means that console users and the social network they will no longer be able to share screenshots, videos, music, trophy details or links to game missions on the platform commanded by Mark Zuckerberg.

The elimination of this integration also means that users will no longer be able to link their Facebook account to their PlayStation Network account and, therefore, dependent functions such as Friends list Y Add Facebook Friends They will be removed too.

Also other extracted data will stop being used of those possible account links in the past, such as profile images. "We recommend selecting a new image for PlayStation friends to identify you," they point out from Sony.

Facebook does not eliminate or verify the veracity of political messages, even if they violate social network policies

The multinational of entertainment and electronics has also apologized for this decision announced and suddenly executed, without prior warning: "We apologize for any inconvenience".

However, and although the statement suggests that this elimination of integration is final and does not speak at any time of its possible temporality, "from Facebook they have assured Kotaku who are working to finalize "an updated contract designed to improve Facebook integration in PlayStation". "We hope to recover these characteristics as soon as our teams reach an agreement"they say.