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Siri, Bryant and B. Jordan in the latest Apple TV ad

Apple has totally changed its strategy with the new version of the Apple TV. A team that previously went quite unnoticed, but that is becoming an authentic entertainment center since the last update of the team thanks to the new tvOS operating system that includes its own App Store.

The new Apple TV and Apple's strategy have changed so much that, where before you don't just see many ads advertising the team, now the Californian giant is able to bring together the most important and emblematic characters of the world of sports, fashion, cinema and television to promote it. That is what just happened with the last one presented by Apple, where Siri, Kobe Bryant and Michael B. Jordanse are in charge of demonstrating the capabilities of the new Apple TV in a video of more than a minute.

If you are a basketball lover, you know who isKobe BryantLos Angeles Lakers player and one of the most complete players in the NBA. One of the greatest players in history who has recently announced his retirement and that Apple has taken advantage of for his latest production.

On the other hand the actor revelation Michael B. Jordan, famous for making the son of Apollo in Creed, or being the human torch in the last adaptation of the fantastic four.

Two great figures figures in the US with great pull, which test all the options of Apple TV asking SIRI to open the NBA app for the young actor to take references of the great Kobe Bryant in the film they are rolling on the "young Kobe", but the actor tells him that it is no longer about the young Kobe but about his whole life and that he now looks more like "Benjamin Button", for which he asks Siri to put it and even that 20 minutes ahead of the film to show you what it will look like now when interpreting it.