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Samsung Galaxy S10 + vs Samsung Galaxy Note 10+: differences

The Korean manufacturer has already presented its entire range of flagship for this year 2019. We have finally seen the secrets of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+. But, considering the Samsung Galaxy S10 + price dropWhich phone is better to buy?

For this, we have prepared a comparison of Samsung Galaxy S10 + against Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, where we reveal the main differences between both models. And yes, there are some quite notable differences.

Samsung Galaxy S10 + and Galaxy Note 10+

The most notable we see in the hole on the screen While the Samsung Galaxy S10 + bets on a double hole system, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ bets for a more central position, offering a different look.

Samsung Galaxy S10 + and Galaxy Note 10+

On the other hand, we see a change in buttoning. And in this case, we have to say that the Galaxy S10 + is more comfortable to turn off than in the Note 10+. For the rest, both terminals are committed to quality finishes, with metal and tempered glass so that both terminals offer a dreamlike look.

Differences between the Samsung Galaxy S10 + and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+: hardware

In the section of hardware, s we noticed some difference. And, since it could not be otherwise in a more modern phone, the interior of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is more powerful than that of its rival.

Samsung Galaxy S10 +

In this way, the Note 10+ mounts a processor Exynos 9825, while the Samsung Galaxy S10 + has a 9820. We also see it in RAM, having 12 GB the new Korean phablet, while the conventional model of the S10 + stays at 8 GB.

Samsung Galaxy S10 + screen

Of course, it must be said that in the tests we have performed we have not noticed changes at the level of performance. Yes, both the Galaxy Note 10+ and the Galaxy S10 + will allow you enjoy any game or application without major problems. Normal, considering that we are facing the two best Samsung phones on the market.

Samsung Galaxy S10 + and Galaxy Note 10+

Moving on to the autonomous region, we have to say that The Note 10+ battery is a true wonder, So in this case the balance is in favor of the new phablet. And, what about its fast charging system: 45 W, while the Samsung Galaxy S10 + stays at 15 W. A huge difference between the two models.

Samsung Galaxy S10 + and Galaxy Note 10+ screen

Another of the Advantages of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ over the Samsung Galaxy S10 +, we have it in the software that integrates. Mainly, the fact of having an S-Pen is a detail to keep in mind. Are you going to use the touch pen regularly? Well do not hesitate, the Korean manufacturer's phablet will love it.Samsung Galaxy S10 + and Galaxy Note 10+

And the Samsung Galaxy S10 + screen and Galaxy Note 10+? Here we can not notice differences, since they are the same panel, so both models offer a multimedia section of the film. Finally, we will move on to the photographic section.

Samsung Galaxy S10 + and Galaxy Note 10+