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Review: MSI Vortex G25 – Compact and solid

A few days ago we brought him the Dell Precision 5520 Review Now we will talk aboutMSI Vortex G25 it's one of the smallest desktop computers we've seen. Despite that, MSI recognizes that this compact unit has sufficient strength to play with today's top-level titles with ease.


Processor: Intel Core i7-8700 3.2GHz | Graphics:Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 8GB graphics | Memory:16GB 2400Hz DDR4 | Storage: 256GB Samsung PM871 SSD |1 TB hard drive | Connectivity:802.11ac dual band Wi-Fi

MSI Vortex G25


The MSI Vortex G25 weighs only 2.5 kg and measures 43 mm wide and 332 m high.It's barely bigger than a game book, and that means that it compares very well with its rivals. MSI Vortex G25 It is made of plastic and, what is more important, is enough resistant as to be transported frequently.

One side of the machine has rubber feet, which allows it to sit easily under a TV. That side panel also has a 100mm VESA mount, so the M: YES It can be connected to the back of a monitor. And, impressively, that panel can be completely removed without tools.

He MSI Vortex G25 It may be one of the smallest game systems I've seen in my life, but in most situations I am not sure that it is really so small.


There are four ports USB 3.1 and a type C connector divided between the front and back, and there is a port HDMI on the front for headphones VRThere is another connector HDMI and a port Thunderbolt on the back, and 802.11ac Wireless is incorporated without the need for external antennas, however, there is no DisplayPort and only two audio connectors: a convention for laptops that lags behind most desktops.

MSI Vortex G25

Internal components

Instead of using desktop components, M: YES has implemented a modified laptop motherboard which uses a mobile graphics chip and a desktop processor. It's a smart move: the latest mobile chips from Nvidia they offer practically the same pace as desktop cards, and switching to a desktop processor allows MSI to deploy one of the new chips Coffee lake from Intel that are not affected by mobile designs.

The components are cooled by portable coolers, which have small fans, copper heatpipes and leaks that expel heat through the roof and the back of the system.The processor and memory can be easily reached, are useful for replacements, but There is no update room.

MSI Vortex G25 – Performance

He M: YES use the mobile version of the GTX 1070, which has 2048 flow processors.However, the GTX 1070 mobile It has a clock speed of 1443MHz, which is a bit smaller than the desktop version of 1506MHz.

He Vortex have no trouble playing games at 1080pHe managed well with Tomb Raider at 87 fps and Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor at 104 fps. He managed those games in 1440p, too, with averages of 63 fps and 72 fps.

The GTX 1070 It is a great card for single-screen games, and also has enough power for VR headsets. The narrow limits of the M: YES mean that the processor has no overclock, and the chip chosen here is the i7-8700, so it is not a K edition chip with higher stock speed.

Despite that, there is still a lot we like. It has six cores Hyper-Threaded, so you won't have problems with multitasking, and works at 3.2GHz.Turbo increases that rate to 4.3GHz in the six cores and 4.6GHz in a single core.

He Core i7-8700 scored 5153 and 21,899 on the Geekbench tests single or multi-core. The chip Coffee Lake It may be a bit slower than the K-edition chip, but those results are still excellent.MSI Vortex G25

Why buy the MSI Vortex G25?

There's a lot I like about him MSI Vortex G25.It is the smallest gaming team I have ever seen in my life, and therefore it is supremely portable. And, despite its size, lA smart combination of desktop processor and mobile graphics offers enough power to handle almost all gaming tasks and for general use.