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Pokmon Masters arrives at the App Store: now you can download!

Pokemon masters

An egg game from Pokmon comes to the App Store after its announcement a few weeks ago, it is Pokmon Masters or promises adventures very different from other mobile titles in the saga. The Pokmon Company has developed together with DeNA a new game that explores the most famous mechanics of RPG games from a completely different perspective.

In Pokmon Masters the bouts are 3 players against 3 players in real time, so we will have to play as a team to beat our opponents in the tournament held on the island of Passio.

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A new game to succeed in the App Store

Since a few weeks ago Pokmon Masters could already be booked in the App Store and as promised at the time, today August 29 the game can already be download for free on our iPhone or iPad.

This is the official description of the game in the App Store:

In Passio a 3-on-3 combat tournament called World Pokmon Masters is held. Fight with recognized Coaches, form your dream team and aspire to the highest!
Create a team of three Coaches with their respective Pokmon and take advantage of the weaknesses of the rivals to inflict more damage.
Enjoy multiplayer mode and cooperative fighting with friends from all over the world. In this mode, three players can cooperate in super-moving battles. Join forces to gain victory

In addition to this the compatible devices have been revealed, and many may be left out of the moment. It is essential to have iOS 11 or higher and a device with 64-bit processor. In addition, only devices with a minimum of 2 GB of RAM DeNa, the developer of the game, has also announced that it does not guarantee that the game will work perfectly on all devices with these features, but it may be fixed in future updates.

The jeugd is free but to be able to buy anything inside the game we will need gems, these gems can be achieved by fighting and explaining the island of Passio or with in-app purchases ranging from 1.09 to 26.99 euros. In addition the game is available in Spanish, German, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Francs, English, Italian, Japanese and occupies 644.4 MB of memory.

Pokmon Masters arrives at the App Store: now you can download!
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