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New method to have Play Store FREE 2018

We are always at the foot of the can and looking for methods to get PAYMENT applications Totally FREE, and this is because there are applications that exceed the unusual cost or simply why you want to try PRO applications before investing.

To start the 2018 cave note that I share an alternative similar to Google Play that allows us to download Free Payment Applications even in the Alternative store has MOD applications.

I present the TUTUAPP app a new alternative to download payment application and MOD. If you want to download TUTOAPP, you just have to follow the steps below and meet the requirements

  • Go to the settings of your smartphone / look for security / we mark the option of Unknown sources
  • Go to this linkTUTohelper
  • Download the application

At this time you can already enjoy TUTohelper.If you liked the contribution, do not forget to leave your comment and share it so that more users use it.Install the application of TUTOAPP