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Motorola connects to new networks with its Moto 5G Mod

motorola moto 5g mod 3

As we have already said two of the main trends of the Mobile World Congress of 2019 are the folding phones or folding screens and the 5G network that sneaks in large part of the companies present in this fair of the mobile phone or smartphone.

And, of course, Motorola doesn't want to stay behind in the market either. However, instead of launching its own 5G phone, the company opts, for the moment, to go step by step and first launch an accessory that can offer 5G connection.

This is the new Moto 5G Mod and, although it seems, a priori, a case or case for smartphone, it is, rather, a complement with a greater and more complete scope.

motorola moto 5g mod 2

The inconvenient? Well, first, that at the moment it only works with the signature Moto Z3 phone, and second, that it is only available in the United States, although it is not yet on the market.

motorola moto 5g mod 1

According to Motorola sources, the Moto 5G Mod accessory arrives from the hand of the Verizon phone operator throughout the first half of 2019, but there is no specific date on the company's roadmap.

Its price, also to be determined, according to the same sources, is much lower than the average price of a phone with 5G of those that will be launched in 2019. But, for now, they do not even have an approximate figure to determine if It is an expensive or cheap accessory.

The firm announces its Moto Z3 as the first 5G upgradeable phone on the market and promises, thanks to this accessory or Mod speeds ten times greater, reduced delay or delay time, a faster mobile access point and an extra integrated battery.

In this way, you can easily add to your Moto Z3 5G connection and a large battery to get a better performance and benefit.

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