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Mobile getting closer to its global launch

Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile is a new raid by Activision to the mobile games industry. The company works tirelessly to bring this new experience to its players around the world, and more and more passes are already available to enjoy this new game. based on the successful shooters franchise in first person. One of the last passes that Call of Duty: Mobile has reached has been Per, getting closer and closer to our country.

This new game, designed specifically for mobile platforms, bring to our iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch the best mechanics of the classic franchise. We can enjoy the best multiplayer modes of Call of Duty, including all against all, team duel, or the most recent addition of the saga, the battle royale. In addition, you can receive new game modes and content thanks to the frequent updates that Activision apply throughout the life of the game.

Call of Duty: Mobile began its landing in countries like China, where mobile games can achieve unprecedented success if they succeed in enchanting the public of the country. From there, the scope of the game has been expanded. In fact, the global launch of it It should not be far away As reported from the Twitter of @charlieINTEL, which indicates that the wait will not be much longer.

Call of duty

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In this case, Activision must prepare for the numbers of concurrent users in the game to skyrocket. For that reason, it is necessary to prepare the servers, and a phased launch is the most appropriate in the case of a long-awaited game. Thus, Activision avoids possible problems in the game experience at launch, even if that means increasing the wait in the rest of the world.

Mobile getting closer to its global launch
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