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Microsoft is working on a folding computer

The world of technology is literally folding in a strange and wonderful way. And as phone companies like Samsung – with its new (and disastrous) Galaxy Fold – have just begun to deploy their folding terminals, it seems that computer manufacturers do not plan to stay behind. In accordance with The verge, Microsoft and Intel have been working on dual-screen folding devices, that could work with a special software called "Windows 10X", a "simplified" version of Windows for devices with these features.

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Microsoft has not made any official announcement in this regard; However, the publication indicates that it is possible that the "Windows Lite" (as they call the new version of software inside the company) is part of the work that the company has done in recent years to create a new version of Windows Core OS "The changes that Microsoft makes in its Windows operating system will be key to the future of double-screen and folding hardware," he says. Being similar to Windows 10, although according to other leaks, we may see some changes in the startup interface.

On Twitter, designer Jonas Dhnert shared a series of images of a ?flexbook? ensuring that he will make more revelations soon:

While it could happen that Microsoft released this new computer, it is also very likely to be discarded. This was the case of the Surface pocket that instead discarded a larger dual-screen device known internally as Centaurus In a recent interview, Surface boss Panos Panay said they will only invent products "when they are correct." ?We cannot bring new categories to the world in a place where customers do not need it?, said.

The verge did not disclose more details about this new dual screen computer. However, note that today, during the event Surface 2019, Microsoft will finally be able to make known its intentions regarding the new folding computers.

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