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Men in Black points to the fashion of Pokmon GO with a game of the most strange

mib game

Pokmon GO was a before and after in terms of mobile games and its great success was based mainly on a differential aspect: you have to go outside and cooperate with other users to be able to play Many games have tried to replicate their success since then, although really the only one who has managed to be done has been the recent Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

Now a new game wants to repeat success based on the same principles of Pokmon GO but based on the Men in Black saga. The first video of Men In Black: Global Invasion It's official, and it seems too strange.

Men in Black: Global Invasion, fail?

Men in Black: Global Invasion has not yet reached the App Store in Spain, although it is available in other countries such as the US. As we see in the video the cooperative aspect is important. In this case we must locate different infiltrated aliens on our planet and kill them.

However, this type of games requires many users to download it to enjoy the experience 100%, and we are not sure that Men in Black: Global Invasion achieves that purpose.

men in black game

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We will see if this new proposal is successful or not, although probably other sagas with more name if they manage to replicate a success similar to that of Pokmon GO. Who better seems to be prepared is the expected game of Oliver and Benji that should arrive in the coming months.

However it does not seem that anyone is going to approach the success that Pokemon GO generated at the time, a few years ago we saw incredible figures that none of these "clones" have achieved. It does not seem that Men in Black: Global Invasion will get it and we will see if the version of Oliver and Benji gets closer.