Sebastian Jimenez

MediEvil PS4 vs. PS One Gameplay shown in a new video

See how Asylum Grounds of the remake compares with the original game.

The long awaited remake of MediEvil arrive this month on PS4 courtesy of Other Ocean Emeryville. Obviously, renewed images are the biggest attraction, but how do they compare to the PlayStation One version? Sony producer Nick Accordino said with PlayStation Underground for an extensive game video to compare the two versions.

The level of Asylum Grounds is also shown, so it is worth seeing how it develops in the remake. Like the original, the MediEvil The new version focuses on Sir Dan, who perished in battle many years before. When his old enemy Zarok reappears and resurrects the dead, a newly revived Dan has a second chance at glory.

MediEvil arrives on October 25 for PlayStation 4. For more information behind the scenes about the remake, check out this developer's diary. You can also review the shields of the game and their functions here. Stay tuned for more details about the remake as we approach its release.