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List of free Android games in Play Store for a limited time

You may not have anything to have fun with on your phone or tablet, and this ends up becoming a problem since these devices are a great way not to get bored in the event that you have nothing to do (wherever you are). If this is your case, we will show you several free Android games Surely they are a good solution.

In the list we have made we have tried to include developments all types so that the vast majority find a title that allows them to spend good times with a device that runs the development of the Mountain View company. Besides, everything is really simple since the place where you get free Android games is Play Store, the official store that Google has. By the way, compatibility is excellent, since in models that are not especially powerful, it is possible to execute all the creations that we have chosen.

Zombie Age 3 Premium: Rules of Survival Game

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Free Android games list this week

So that everything is very intuitive, we leave below the links of each of the works chosen and that, directly, lead to the page of the Google store where they are waiting to be downloaded. Without more, and waiting for you to find something you like, hurry, since the offers have a Limited time-, this is what we think is interesting:

Little Drones – City Flight

A game in which you have to direct a drone through the city to win several races. Their graphics are of quite good quality, but not especially demanding. Different options of choice, we recommend having some patience to get used to the control it offers, which is not very easy to handle first.

Little Drones - City Flight

Little Drones - City Flight

Pirate Defender Premium: Captain Shooting

As captain of your ship you have to defend it from the attack of enemies, ranging from other pirates to typical monsters of the stories of these characters. It has a good arsenal of weapons to launch across the bridge where they arrive, and the strategy to be used is key – since what is missing is time. You do not need Internet and, therefore, it is one of the free Android games that is worth trying.

Pirate Defender Premium: Captain Shooting Offline

Pirate Defender Premium: Captain Shooting Offline

Space Invaders 3D – Dangerzone

A lifelong arcade but with more advanced graphics but offering great compatibility. You must direct your ship to kill all the enemies, and for that you have many weapons and improvements that will make your job easier. With a certain touch retro, this is a quite fun development and it sure makes you have a good time while waiting for friends or the bus.

Space Invaders 3D - Dangerzone (No Ads)

Space Invaders 3D - Dangerzone (No Ads)

Zombie Age 3 Premium: Rules of Survival

If what you want is action, this free Android game is what it offers you … and in large numbers. Zombies attack humanity and, instead of leaving, what you do is kill them with all kinds of weapons (and there are many and, some, powerful). The graphics are nice rather than well finished, and give a fun development look, which is always appreciated.