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Let the blonde tup go well in Wonderpants: Rocky Rumble


Who would not like to hit a good kick to the blond toupee with a big wild boar willing to take him well away in Wonder Pants? Well to us. And this is what this new title for Android is about that puts you before that style of play of throwing one far away to try to reach as many meters as possible.

We will have to use object physics in our favor in order to get more coins and improve the innate abilities of the one who rolls through the air and then has to hit a series of characters with which to propel. A fun game with a lot of graphics and technical quality to let off steam but fine.

The blond toupee up

The blond toupee up is none other than Boulder Cobblestone and that comes with his colleague Pebble to recover the lost pieces of Wonderpants. With this tree-lined story, we will try to make Mr. Boulder the champion of the kingdom of Roca in a fun game with good visual work.


In the first game we will understand what this is about. We will see a wild boar tied to our colleague so that at one point he begins to take a run and so we must release at that moment in which we see that his fury shoots him to use it against the poor side of Mr. Boulder.

We release the wild boar and it goes straight for our protagonist who swill fly through the air if you have given a good kick. At that time we will have to decide when to press the screen again to try to let our friend fly through the air and start encountering a series of slightly curious characters.

To impact be said in WonderPants: Rocky Rumble!

So we will start the game and we will discover that those characters that fly over the field will come with pearls to propel our hero with toupee. It's a lot of fun to stop for a moment to realize that those huge balls they are little birds in which an animal is mounted That has it well dominated. If we hit them we will shoot to catch more meters.

Rubielas main screen

The same will happen with those who fly with two balloons tied at his waist or that large number of soldiers who walk on the surface. The more we give more energy to our protagonist with blond toupee so that in one of those we can make a major jump and thus reach more beings.

It is important that you use every moving bug in your path to reach the maximum number of meters. The more meters more rewards and we can improve some statistics such as momentum and more. So we meet WonderPants: Rocky Rumble as a fun and curious I play for the development of his characters and his crazy stories.

More meters, more meters

We are facing a free game, so you can understand that not everything will be free. Of course, we can assure you that you are going to get fed up of giving a good blow to the blond toupee to throw it well away and thus try to progress properly in a very crazy game in general terms.

I treated blond

Technically it is very well worked and we highlight the environment, the animations and the design of characters that is the best. The gameplay is quite good and in a matter of a few games we can master the launch of the protagonist with the blond toupee. We recommend that you stop at the details that WonderPants: Rocky Rumble has in itself and that there are many.

WonderPants: Rocky Rumble comes to Android Eager to become one of those crazy launch games, and that are not few like Angry Baba, to settle in the memory of your phone and have fun moments this summer. You already know who the Tupé looks like and we're not going to say the name they track us.

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