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If there will be GameCube Classic Mini!

The retro is fashionable and is that it is not only enough to get old consoles in its mini version in these years but also one of the most beloved consoles worldwide, being one of the most anticipated by video game fans is the Nintendo GameCube which already confirms its existence a mini version.

Nintendo already have the patents with the name GameCube so it is already clear that the brand is working on the remastering of this console to launch it and be a resounding success.

Recall that this was one of the consoles not very sold in the market at that time although that s the titles are really impressive for which it is very dear to people and highly anticipated for its mini version.

It is worth mentioning that this console has yet to be sold because the company is launching reduced versions of its consoles in chronological order, so you should be patient if you already want this mini version in your hands.

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