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IBM Watson presents 'Highlight Machine' interactive experience

world cup 2018 world cup 2018The 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia is the sporting event with the largest technological deployment in history. And among the most outstanding innovations we will see during the World Cup, is the World Cup Highlight Machine.

Indeed, this year artificial intelligence, computer vision and many other technologies will come together not only to select the best plays of each day of the tournament, but to take a look at the past, thanks to IBM Watson and Fox Sports.

For football fans in the United States who prefer to watch the games in English, Fox Sports is the television network that will bring to its audience all 64 Russian games. And to provide an interactive experience, the company has partnered with IBM to present an excellent complement to the true followers of this sport. Developed by Watson's artificial intelligence, this video center allows you to create clips on demand (on demand) of the best moments of all the FIFA World Cup tournaments dating from 1958.

You can customize your options as you see fit based on your interests or preferences. The television network says there are 300 archived matches that Watson is able to analyze, which can be filtered based on the year of the tournament you want to watch, the team, player, match, or any combination of these.

This innovative option is now available for you to learn and enjoy the best of football, but obviously there is still no content from Russia 2018 since the tournament has not started. When it does, Fox Sports will inform you that you can search for videos as soon as each game is finished, according to Engadget.

If you prefer to watch the games reported in your language, Telemundo Deportes is the exclusive Spanish home of the 2018 World Cup. The chain announced that it will broadcast live games in Spanish in the NBC Sports application, in addition to presenting content on desktop computers to through your website. That way, whether the fans are at home, at work or even traveling, they can enjoy the games that are expected to be the sporting event with the most digital consumption in history.

The NBC Sports application can be found on mobile devices and iOS and Android tablets, as well as most connected TV platforms, such as Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Chromecast, Xbox, Sony Playstation, and Samsung SmartTV.

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