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Huawei employees sanctioned for using iPhone

In China it is no secret that some social networks are restricted for use and that to access them you have to make use of software specifically from VPN that allows to establish the connection with the servers.

This is how two Huawei employees want to use their Sapient VPN platform to congratulate their Twitter followers for the new year. have been sanctioned for the failure of said software to connect.

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The problem has not been the failure of the VPN, but not being able to connect through it they thought it was more convenient use an iPhone with a foreign SIM card and thus manage to tweet. And well they did, but in a great oversight under the message in the Huawei account highlighted the legend Go Twitter for iPhone. This does not like the managers of the company at all, so both workers suffer the following consequences:

  • Descent of your post
  • Salary reduction about $ 830 per month
  • Freezing of salary for 12 months for one of them
Image goes Weibo

There is no doubt that Huawei executives do not go with contemplations and with good reason. No brand wants to know that their workers use competitive devices do not believe?

T what do you think of the actions taken by Huawei? Was it too much or are I missing? Let us know your answers in the comment box, we create debate on the subject.

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Information goes to Reuters

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