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How to watch FC Barcelona VS Chelsea for free

FC Barcelona VS Chelsea Messi

You want watch FC Barcelona VS Chelsea for free from anywhere in the world ?. If the answer to this question is a resounding YES you are in the right place because in addition to giving you the keys so that you can see the first game of the preseason of this year 2019 of FC Barcelona, ​​I will also tell you the correct and legal way of seeing it from anywhere in the world.

An information taken directly from the official website of FC Barcelona and that I wanted to share with all Androidsis readers.

How everyone should already know, or at least the supporters and supporters of FC Barcelona, ​​their first game of this preseason that begins next July 23 in Japanese lands, is what they will face in the Rakuten Cup to two great teams and rivals such as the FC Barcelona VS Chelsea.

The match that will be played live from the Saitama stadium It can be seen live on Barςa TV and Rakuten Sports from 12:30 pm on the Iberian Peninsula although calm that next I spend the different hours and ways to see it online from different geographical locations.

Where to watch FC Barcelona VS Chelsea?

How and where to watch FC Barcelona VS Chelsea for free

Photo credits

Canada – Vancouver (3.30 AM) / Toronto (6.30 AM)FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona and, @fcbarcelona_fra and

United States – Los Angeles (3.30 AM) / Nova York (6.30 AM)FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona and

Latin America – Mexico City (5.30 AM) / Bogotá (5.30 AM) / Santiago de Chile (6.30 AM) / Buenos Aires (7.30 AM)FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona_es and

Brazil – Brasilia (7.30 AM)FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona_br and

Africa – Dakar (10.30 AM) / Yaoundé (11.30 AM) / Cape Town (12.30 PM)FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona, ​​, @fcbarcelona_fra and

United Kingdom – London (11.30 AM)FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona and

France – Paris (12.30 PM)FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona_fra and

Barcelona (12.30 PM)FC Barcelona:,, @fcbarcelona_cat and @fcbarcelona_es

Turkey – Istanbul (1.30 PM)FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona_tr and

Russia – Moscow (1.30 PM)FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona and

Arab countries – Mecca (1.30 PM)FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona, ​​, @fcbarcelona_ara and

India – New Delhi (4.00 PM)FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona and

Indonesia – Jakarta (5.30 PM)FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona_id and

China – Beijing (6.30 PM)FC Barcelona:

Japan – Tokyo (7.30 PM)FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona_jp and

Australia – Sydney (8.30 PM)FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona and

What do I need to watch FC Barcelona VS Chelsea live?

For Watch FC Barcelona VS Chelsea live and completely free and legally, you will only need to have a device that has an Internet connection and that also has a web browser.

Come on you will be able to see it from your Android, iOS, Windows, Linux or Smart TV terminal Just run the web browser of your choice and click on the link that best suits your geographical situation.

This is how easy and simple we have the followers of FC Barcelona, ​​the followers of Chelsea and any supporter and lovers of good football to see this preseason start of these two greats of European and world football.

More info and credits here

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