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How to remove the keyboard lag on the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7

For many writing since the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 has become a headache. In some models the edges of the screen have delays in the tactile response creating a word thing when writing fast.

If you are writing in a chat you will have to constantly rectify the text because the words are stomped by the delay. Badly written or cut words and letters like A and Q become a nightmare.

Do you have this lag on the keyboard of your Redmi Note 7? The good news is that your device is not failed as it seems to be a widespread problem. And the bad news is that there is still no 100% effective solution.

Let's review some solutions or tricks that have worked for some users. You can try and see if it results in your Redmi Note 7.

Disable full screen gestures

This is one of the first options that users implement with this keyboard lag problem. Some have mentioned that it has improved and others do not notice a difference.

If you want to try and disable full screen gestures follow these steps. Go to Settings >> Full screen >> Full screen gestures. You deactivate the option and that's it.

Why do you think it can be a solution? The gesture navigation system sometimes causes problems with the keyboard since we can unintentionally activate actions on the screen. So he is the first suspect on the list to avoid any conflict or process that produces keyboard latency.

Adjust screen sensitivity?

Others think that this problem can be solved by adjusting or configuring the sensitivity of the screen. So they have tested with applications like Touchscreen Repair, and others have tried from Developer Options to calibrate the screen.

But before you start experimenting, think about whether this is really the problem. If the central part of the screen does not present problems when you write and there is only lag at the edges, you won't fix it by adjusting the screen.

But if you want to try, go ahead.

Change keyboard size with Swiftkey

If you have tried the previous options and it has not worked for you, try this trick. To do this, you will have to install the Swiftkey keyboard.

Since the keyboard lag problem is at the edges of the screen (especially on the left side) then let's adapt the solution to the problem. And Swiftkey allows us to do this.

Once you have installed it, choose the option Adjust size. This will open a new window for you to customize this configuration detail. Since we want the keyboard to avoid the edges of the screen then we reduce it by focusing on the center, as you see in the second image.

Once we accept we will see that keyboard size in any app. It is not a definitive solution, but it is a trick that we can apply while Xiaomi releases an update that corrects this problem.

And you can change this size setting as many times as you want until you feel comfortable using it and no longer detect any lag on the keyboard. A practical option that will save you rewriting every 3 words.

It is not the first Xiaomi device that has this lag problem on the keyboard. Pocophone F1 has also had its head users with this issue until Xiaomi released an update that corrects this problem. So it is possible that the Redmi Note 7 has to wait for a similar solution.