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How to prevent Google Photos from saving screenshots

Google Photos

Google Photos is an application whose presence has increased significantly on Android. In addition, it has been updated with many improvements, such as the introduction of the dark mode. The normal thing is that the application go to save all the photos we have on the phone. This also includes screenshots, something we don't always want. But we can change this if we want.

So let's do that Google Photos will not save our screenshots in any moment. It is an option that the application itself has in its settings. So we will be able to modify this whenever we want, it is very easy to achieve.

We have to open the Google Photos application on our phone first. Next, we have to slide the side menu that is in the application, we can do it by pressing on the three top stripes that are in it. Of the options that appear in this menu we have to click on Device folders.

Google photos screenshots

This section will show all the photo folders we have on the device, even those that are hidden. We have to enter the capture folder then. We then look at the top of that folder, where we see that there is an option called Create backup and synchronize.

What we have to do is disable this option, if it is activated. This allows us to Google Photos will not save screenshots We have done. If we only want to save photos from the camera, we must leave this option only enabled in the camera folder and disable it in the rest.

With these steps the process is complete. Google Photos will no longer save these screenshots We have stored. If at some point we change our mind, we just have to do the same, then activating this option in the folder. Very easy to get as you can see.

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