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How to play Pokmon Go without leaving home

We will have to do several steps, so do not say goodbye, it will not be that you miss something. So you can play Pokmon Go without leaving home. Remember that these types of tricks, although very useful, can provide sufficient reason for them to ban your account, so carry it out at your own risk.

Play Pokmon GO without leaving home

Modify the options

To do this we will have to download two applications, these applications areGPS fakeYTouch VPN Proxy. But before using them, we will have to activate an option that we will find in the developer options. If you do not have the developer options in your settings do not worry, you have to go to the phone information and press thecompilation numberuntil a warning appears that developer options have been activated. Now we leave the phone information and go to these new options and look for the optionChoose application to simulate locationand selectGPS fake.

Pokmon GO home

After that we will have to go to the section ofLocationin our options and selectGoogle location historyand check that it is activated. In case it isn't, we activate it.

pokmon go house

Change «your» location

Okay. We have already prepared our phone, now we are going to activate these applications that we have downloaded. The first is to openTouchVPN Proxy.Select a country and activate it by clicking onConnect.We recommend that you always put the same country to avoid bans, since Niantic can ban you from the game if he sees that you always connect from different countries. It's suspicious, right?

Touch VPN Proxy

Now we will have to change the place withGPS fakeWhen we open the app, a world map will appear, we will have to select somewhere in the country that we have selected in the VPN. Try to select a place like a big city, in this case we have tested in Chicago, United States. This way you make sure you have a good amount of Pokmon available. When you do this your phone detects that you will be in the middle of the city, so you can capture some Pokmon without leaving home.

GPS fake

If you want to change places you will have to repeat the process, but as we have said, go moving through the country to avoid bans. Every so often you can change country. That s, from time to time go out to capture Pokmon for your city, which is never over.

Fake GPS location

Fake GPS location

Touch VPN Proxy Free Unlimited | WiFi Safe

Touch VPN Proxy Free Unlimited | WiFi Safe