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How to open a "with yourself" chat on WhatsApp

Maybe you've ever wondered if you could open a chat with yourself while using WhatsApp, to turn it into a kind of "notebook" where you can send messages that you want to save for later.

Well, there are several systems to talk to yourself on WhatsApp, and they are quite simple. In fact, in the past it was enough to save our own number in the phonebook, but today WhatsApp no ​​longer lets you create a chat this way.

While in Telegram opening a conversation with yourself is something that the app itself supports, in WhatsApp you have to use some trick. Luckily, there are two simple alternatives to perform, which we will explain step by step:

Creating a group of empty WhatsApp

This system works because WhatsApp does not close the groups even if only one person remains in them. Thus, If there is no one else in the conversation, it will be like talking to yourself. Let's see the steps to achieve it:

  1. Create a whatsapp group Adding a single person (someone close, if possible), you can put a name like "Clipboard" to remind you of your goal:

Image - How to open a chat

  1. Eject the other person from the group, so that you stay as the only participant:

Image - How to open a chat

  1. If you send a message, photo, link or file to the group, be like a chat with yourself, since you only see that content:

Image - How to open a chat

You will already have the chat with yourself available, you may want mute notifications in this group, although you can also keep them to make sure you see the WhatsApp messages that you have sent.

Using a link to your number

Although WhatsApp does not let you talk to yourself from the agenda, it is possible to do it using the invitation link system. These links were created to put people in conversations without knowing their number in advance, but following these steps add another utility:

  1. Start a Web navigator (better from a computer) and enter this link:

  1. Instead of the X in the example link, you must put your phone number. The "34" that comes before is the international prefix of Spain, which can be replaced by that of any country, to match the origin of our phone.
  2. Now we appear in the browser a screen to open the chat by WhatsApp:

Image - How to open a chat

  1. If we are on a computer, which is recommended, it show the conversation on WhatsApp Web, or ask us to log in if we have not used it recently:

Image - How to open a chat

  1. If you go to WhatsApp on your mobile, you can tell just opened a chat with yourself, something that you cannot do from the app itself:

Image - How to open a chat

Although the use of a modified link can make us think of a kind of basic "hacking" to the app, it will not pose any problem in practice. The reasons why they can expel you from WhatsApp are quite clear, and talking to yourself is not one of them.

Why use a chat with yourself?

Imagine if you want to open a conversation with your own number on WhatsApp, you have some objective in mind. However, the possibilities are diverse, so let's review them:

  1. Send you messages, links, photos or files that you want to remember.
  2. Forward messages from another chat so you don't lose them.
  3. Send content between mobile and PC (if we use WhatsApp Web).
  4. Send yourself audios, to take long notes very quickly.

Of course, another option is to opt for one of the note apps available in app stores, but WhatsApp is such a popular and everyday tool that many people prefer to look for more uses to take advantage of it.

Now you can open a chat with yourself, in case you need to save after some message or content of WhatsApp, which can get you out of trouble when you're in too much hurry to use a specific application.

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What do you think of these systems? Are you going to open a chat to use it as a notebook, or rather to pass content to the PC using WhatsApp Web?