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How to Manage Google Maps Events with JavaScript

JavaScript It is a programming language, whose last available version is known as: ECMAScript. Resulting in a standard dialect for developers or programmers. Said in programming language it has a quite wide event library.

If we take this language and apply it to the features that it has. In addition to including it practically in the program or application worldwide known as Google Maps. They can be done a lot of various activities which are very useful for its users.

In this way, if you want to undertake you in the world of programming or writing codes. Specifically those used in JavaScript and its application on Google Maps commands. So, This guide will teach you the basic principles what do you need.

What are the Events We Can Use in Google Maps?

In the first instance, we have to know the events we have at our disposal. The API we are going to work with uses the name of: google.maps.event to allow us to use these events. In the same way, this name gives us aesthetic methods that will be in charge of Hear.

Yes, these methods will listen when a specific event occurs through a controller called: addListener (). As the name implies: add = Add and Listener = Listener. So, taking this into consideration we will go on to define some of the most important events.

  • In the event that a modification is made in the center of the map, the event to be heard is: center_changed. Which its name is translated to: Center = Center and Changed = Change / Changed.
  • The event known as: click be triggered at the moment the user clicks on the interface. Indifferently if this is on the map, on an information window or on a marker.
  • At the moment the user moves the map or drag it to make any direction, our Listener will activate the event: drag.
  • mousemove It is the name that receives the event to be triggered at the moment the user makes a move of his mouse. This will be carried out regardless of the opposition direction in which the mouse is in the application.
  • Each time the user displays a context menu of the Document Objet Model (SUN). The event known as: rigthclick. Alleging the action of pressing the right button of a computer mouse.
  • zoom_changed or its translation into Spanish: Change of approach, be activated when the set number of the Zoom changes. Specifying that this approach modification can only be used on the map.

All of the aforementioned, are the most common and important events for the development of activities on Google Maps. They still exist other events that can be added to the code that are much more specific. And since it is logical, its writing or syntax deserves a little more advanced knowledge.

Managing the tools expressed in the previous list, adding a constant practice in the development of this activity. In a very short time you will discover the lots of things you can do with these lines of code. This is due to the valuable potential that Google Maps offers us, by extending its functionalities.