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How to Download All my Facebook Information Backup

Facebook is a social network widely used in almost all the world. It has a number of functions; also allows users share a wide range of videos, photos, and much more information. One of the functions that allows Facebook to perform and that perhaps most of its users do not know is that it can download the information from Facebook and the Content you have published. In this post we will explain how to do it. So, if you want to learn, we invite you to continue reading.

How to download your Facebook information?

The Facebook Social Network offers a wide variety of options, for protect and make user privacy more secure. But it also makes it possible for us to download personal information, photos and videos that have been uploaded and even since the bill was created.

As usual, most people They overlook this and ignore this function. Because they are not found informed of the large number of options that this important social network.

Because of this some people they believe they have lost their information and cannot download the content They have on Facebook. Here we will show you how to do it, so you can download all of its information of Facebook.

Instructions to Obtain a Backup of your Facebook Profile

  • The first thing you should have is a Facebook account, a device to be able to Enterokay and Internet.
  • After gathering the requirements, you proceed to open your Facebook address; using the mail and password.
  • Once you have achieved enter account, should be directed to configuration.
  • To choose the option configuration, you have to follow the following steps:
    • At the top of the account, you can see an arrow tilted down.
    • You must give clip on that men.
    • Various options will appear, including configuration
  • As soon as you have located the configuration option, you must select it.
  • At that time a window with several personal user information, such as name, email, password among others.
  • At the end of all that information a hyperlink appears that says Download a copy of your information.

Verify Information Before Starting Download

  • It is important that before start download View the personal information you have on Facebook. This ensures if you must change or add something. Since at the time of discharge be included a copy of everything that has been shared. For example:
    • Personal information
    • Photos
    • Chat messages
    • Videos
    • Publications and much more.
  • After having verified your information and select the download option; Facebook ask again put the password. This is done in order to ensure the user identity.
  • Just place said security key or password, appear one pop-up window.
  • It will explain that the process may take some time. This may vary depending on the content and time taken in Facebook. Remember that there will be a compilation of all information.
  • After having fulfilled everything required, the last step is to expect Facebook to send the file to your Electronic mail? Nico.
  • It should be emphasized that the e-mail that will be taken into account for said shipment is the one that they have linked to the social network. That is, with which Login normally to Facebook.
  • Finally, it only remains to access the link of the compilation.

Finally it should stand out which is very important that keep your account secure. For other users they can't access and download your information. In the same way we hope that this article has been of great help.

However, we would like to know Do you find it interesting that this type of information can be downloaded? Do you think it is useful to be able to access this download? Leave your opinion in the comments.

How to download all my Facebook Information in a Backup?

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