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How to cite messages on WhatsApp for Android

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WhatsApp is the instant messenger application par excellence. The number of users who use it every day grows, as it is a very simple and effective way to communicate.

This service has undoubtedly become the king of communication today. Every day we use it for a long time to send messages or files between our contacts. Calls or SMS have long since ceased to be the most used.

With the passage of time, users have been asking for certain improvements and developments that were necessary for the application. It seems that the developers have heard and We have seen a good evolution of this service with the passage of updates.

On this occasion, One of the novelties introduced has to do with quoting texts in WhatsApp, something that probably puts a little order when rescuing certain messages, especially in groups. We explain how it works.

Quote messages to place order

In certain WhatsApp conversations, especially in groups, significant chaos can form with the large number of messages that are sent and received. This means that at a certain moment we want to specify something for example, but we cannot because of this disorder.

For these occasions, WhatsApp introduces a very interesting novelty, such as the possibility of citing messages. This will help us get more information in our answers and put some order in the conversation.

The method is very simple. The only thing we have to do is press and hold the message we want to quote, and we will see how in the top bar a new arrow appears that turns on itself. We will just have to press it and we will see how that message appears next to the text box to write.

catch quotes on WhatsApp

After this, we can add another message to the appointment we have made, and thus the information will be more complete, something that Help clarify any questions asked about the conversation.

This update comes to Google Play, but if you didn't want to wait, you can now download the apk file to install it yourself easily.

APK Mirror | WhatsApp 2.16.119

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