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How to change how long it takes to turn off the screen automatically

Surely you will have noticed that, if you stop using your device, it will automaticallyturn off the screen and it crashes –if appropriate- Without you having to do anything. This feature is not new at all, it has been many years between us, but it is really useful. And if you think it takes too long, or too little time to do it, don't worry because there is a way to changehow long does it take from the device settings.

This function of the Android operating system is focused onsave battery and to improve security. It allows that it does not consume the screen unnecessarily, when we do not use the device, and also that if it is within the reach of someone it cannot take advantage of that it is in disuse to para gossip ?. And although it comes with a time set by default, we may find it too short or too long, depending on the use we give to our smart phone.

How to change how long it takes to turn off your Android screen alone

Access the native application ofSettings and then scroll to the section ofscreen. Here, among other configuration sections, you will find one with the text?Waiting time to suspend screen'.This is, in effect, the one that determines how much has to happen from the moment we stop using the device until, automatically, the panel is turned off. And we can choose between 15 seconds, 30 seconds, and intervals of 1, 2, 5, 10 and 30 minutes depending on what we prefer.

By default, the Android operating system applies thesecurity lock as soon as the screen is suspended. This means that if we have 15 seconds configured, the password lock, PIN or biometric hardware will be applied in 15 seconds. But if we have configured in this section to turn off the screen after half an hour, that is the time it also takes for the device to be locked with our configured security system.

Therefore, as we mentioned at the beginning, for reasons of autonomous and ofsecurity,You have to think twice before changing the screen settings in this regard. We can notice that the battery lasts a little less time after the day, or we may have problems because someone has reach to our device and takes too long to apply the lock, for example, with fingerprint. However, we can change this configuration as many times as we want by following exactly the same procedure on our smart phone.