How to buy and rent movies from Play Store

How to buy and rent movies from Play Store

That's right, Google Play is a good place to rent or buy movies. You can find movies at a great price, we tell you how to find them.

Buy or rent movies on Google Play Store

It's easy to find the movie section. You have it at the bottom of the screen, with the explicit name ofMoviesThere you can find movies for both buying and renting. If you want to rent you will have the option ofNews for rentwhere they show you the latest movies added for rent. But we also have the option ofRent a movie from 0.99where we can rent very cheap movies.

All the movies available for rent are available for purchase, but not all the movies for sale can be rented, you will have to find it for yourself according to the movie you want.

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Once you have found the movie you want you will have two options, rent (if necessary) and buy. We select the option we want.

When clicking on rent or buy ask us what resolution we want (if you can only buy it we will do it directly by clicking on the resolution we want). We recommend HD, that is, high definition. It may be a little more expensive, but it looks much better.

Press and we will have to go through the box, you have to have your card added or other method of payment, if you do not have it just enter it now.

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Now I will tell you if you want to play the movie. Keep in mind that if you have rented it you will have 48 hours if you start viewing it, but up to 30 days if you do not open it. So be careful if you are not doing well at that moment.

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To play it you have two options or visit the Google Play page where you bought it or view it from the app Google Play Movies, which most Android phones have integrated. If you don't have it, you can download it from the Play Store.

In that application just open it, see your news. AlsoYou can do the whole process from the app. All you can see on the main page the movies you have not seen and the top movie sales, etc. In collection you can see all your movies, and therefore, you can play any movie you have on your phone.

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Ace is easy to rent or buy a movie in the Play Store. Will you cheer up? Where do you buy your movies?

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