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How to activate and deactivate gestures in Android 10

How to activate gestures on Android 10 and what are available

To activate gestures on mobile devices with Android 10, we will simply have to open the application ofSettingsnative- and then move to the section ofSystem. Once here we will see the section corresponding toGestures. In each of them we have a button to activate and deactivate it, but what are they for?

Active edge

Allows, when you press the lower part of the device, theGoogle Assistant even with the screen off. And we can also use it to silence notifications, incoming calls, timers and alarms.

Slide along the fingerprint sensor

If your device has a fingerprint sensor, you can slide your finger over it –down- so that the device notification panel is displayed more quickly, without having to touch the screen.

Quick access to the camera

If you usually take pictures with your smart phone, surely you are interested in activating this gesture that allows you to open the app atpress twice the device power button. In many terminals, it is a gesture activated natively or integrated into the manufacturer's customization layer.

Change camera

We have a button to switch between the front and rear camera; but also a gesture that allows us to do it by taking two turns –somewhat abrupt- grimace A different way, and that allows us to use only one hand for change.

System Navigation

Here you can define whether to use your Android 10 device with gestures, or if you do it with two or three buttons –as before-. But also, if you click on the gear you can define the sensitivity of the device before these gestures, to avoid possible problems with other gestures.

Double tap

If you double tap the screen –being offWith this gesture activated, you can see information such as notifications or time. An alternative to having to press the physical power button, or having to unlock it completely.

Lift to consult

The result is exactly the same as before, but in this case the gyroscope is used to know when we lift the device from a surface. In doing so, if we have activated this gesture, we can see the notifications and the time between other information.

Mute when turning

You can activate the ‘Do not disturb’ mode with this gesture, which is activated by turning the phone over and placing it on a surface, but with the screen pointing towards the ground. This will not bother us, for example, when we go to sleep.