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How do I get to arrive with a battery at 22:00 on the iPhone

Perhaps many of you, our readers, think that this is one more article on how to save a battery on the iPhone. A simple search on Google yields a chilling result. No less than 334,000 results for this. That is why today's approach is not so much what you can find on the internet, which is also very interesting, as is the personal experience itself.

I have been using an iPhone since 2008 and the devices of the Cupertino company They don't have a good reputation when it comes to battery life. That's why I'm going to tell you my tips, or tricks, to get to the end of the day with some charge on the phone. Do you dare to meet them?

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My tricks to arrive with a battery at night

Go full house

My workday begins soon, and at about 6 in the morning I am already standing. However, I leave home at 8:30. I no longer leave the device charging all night, it seems somewhat cumbersome, I prefer that it is turned off. As soon as I get up I put the iPhone to charge in Avin Mode, it loads faster, and in an hour and a half I have it to the maximum. Therefore, if I go out with the phone charged, the greater the chances of reaching the end of the day with a battery.

If I can't use it …

It is obvious, if for any reason I cannot use the phone while away from home for a while, a meeting for example, directly turned it off. It has many benefits for the device, for me and for the battery, which is not consuming. Because even if at rest, it consumes.

Use Avin Mode

Simple but effective, by putting the phone in this mode mobile data transfer is disabled, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, so the iPhone will not search for antennas or devices to connect to. And when do you put the Avin Mode? Well, or when it happens to me like in the previous point, a meeting, or I just don't want to be bothered.

You can also gain some battery minutes throughout the day by disconnecting the Wi-Fi switch if, for example, You are in a place without the possibility of connecting to these networks. A morning in the countryside, an afternoon of fishing, a walk on the beach … It all adds up.

Always carry an external battery with me

There are very economical and low weight, no need to spend much on them. He always goes with me in my backpack for any trouble, although my co-workers usually use them more than myself. Check out these.

Perhaps it is one of the accessories that can be most useful, and with a low capacity to carry in the bag, we have enough to have some more life. In my case in particular, and as I always go with a backpack with the computer, the iPad and more gossip, I opt for a 20,000 mAh and that can be recharged with solar energy. The bad thing is that my back is sometimes responsible for reminding me that I always go as a mule.

And cables, don't forget to have all the cables you can. In my workplace and in the car. There are times when driving I can give life to the battery. It costs very little and without realizing it you increase the minutes of life. Do you know these cheap and certified cables?

Try to disconnect

By this I mean that we should not become perpetual slaves of these gossip. Is it worth looking away from the street for a notification? Can't wait to see them later? Is what happens on Twitter or Facebook so important? It is obvious that each one gives the use that he considers convenient, but it is necessary to be spacing the times of looking at the screen more. And with that, we save battery.

At the time of closing this article, it is 22:00 hours, my battery is at 46 percent, and the time of use of my iPhone X today has been 2 hours and 4 minutes, which is not bad, no do you think Incorporating this series of routines and turning them into habits helps me to be almost always unconcerned.