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Genican updates your shopping list from the trash can

Have you ever been to the supermarket and forgot to buy milk or tomato sauce? Many times, despite having a shopping list, you forget to write down the products that have run out and you get home with half the market you really need.

During the International Home + Housewares show, which took place earlier this week in Chicago, we found a startup called Genican, which seeks to break that cycle and make your life easier. His solution was to create a device belonging to the incipient area called the Internet of Things (IoT). In this case, your product hooks to the trash cans.



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It is a brilliant solution to a frequent problem. For example, if you run out of milk, the first thing you do is throw the box in the trash. Then, you forget to write it down on your shopping list and finally forget to buy it. With Genican, your shopping list will be updated automatically and without having to write anywhere.

Genican is a small device that sticks to the wall of your trash can. When you are going to throw away the packaging of a product, you can scan its barcode and the name of the product will be added to the Genican application on your cell phone. Easy ace.

But for example, in the case of vegetables, you will not be able to pass the bar code, since the packages are usually plastic bags. The only thing you should do in this step is to put your hand in front of the Genican scanner and this will ask you what item you want to add to your list. You just have to answer with the name of the vegetable or fruit you want to buy.

But ah does not end everything. Genican is integrated with Amazon Dash. If Genican detects that the product is available in Dash, a sales cart will appear next to the product name in the app. When you press the cart, you will activate Dash and the product will automatically arrive after scanning it in the Genican. And to prevent you from buying it twice, the product disappears from the list.

You should keep in mind that if you have a round garbage can, Genican will not have how to stick to the walls of the garbage, since its surface is flat and was designed for square or rectangular garbage cans. The company says that in the future they will release a version for round garbage cans.

The product has sold out but will soon be in pre-order on the company's website for $ 149 dollars and is available in red, black and white. You need 4 AA batteries that you will have to replace after about a year.

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Genican updates your shopping list from the trash can
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