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GarageBand already offers support for external devices when upgrading to iOS 13


The Cupertino guys are hurrying this year when updating their applications to the new version of iOS. It is true that the applications that have been updated so far, are some of the most used by users such as iMovie and Clips.

The last application that has just been updated to be compatible with iOS 13 and its dark mode and support for external devices is GarageBand, which adds the update it received precisely yesterday djay, adding support for those two main novelties of the thirteenth version of iOS .


In addition to compatibility with the dark mode, the new sheet for sharing on iOS 13 and access to files from external hard drives, SD memory cards and USB drives, Apple has introduced a downloadable sound pack that brings together more than 350 loops of Hip hop. In the description of the updates available in the Spanish App Store this novelty does not appear, a novelty that we can find in the description of the application in the American App Store.

In addition, the audio fidelity of Apple Loops loops has been improved when making armor and tempo changes as well as offering the ability to search Apple Loops cubes by the name of the sound library package. The application has also received improvements related to stability and performance.

In order to use GaragBand, our device must be managed, yes or yes, by iOS 13. Users who have a terminal with iOS 12 (and who do not update because they are not compatible with iOS 13), can continue to use from the version immediately prior to being.

GarageBand is available for download for free through the link I leave at the end of this article. It does not have in-app purchases but it does have downloadable content that adds to what the application already occupies: 1.7 GB.

GarageBand (AppStore Link)


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