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Furhat, the robot that trains employees in customer service

Are you trying to train your employees on how to answer customer questions that pose a variety of different needs? What you are looking for may be a somewhat creepy robot bust, with a face that can mutate into different faces. We refer to Furhat, the ?Employee Training Robot. This is the work of Furhat Robotics, a company based in Stockholm, Sweden, which has created a robotic bust equipped with a high resolution wide-angle camera, stereo speakers and beam-forming microphones, a technology willing to test the capacity of employees facing the public in borderline situations.

By projecting different faces on his 3D printed mask, Furhat's robot can transform into a man, a woman, a child or even an animal. You can do this while talking, listening, maintaining eye contact and even seems to show emotions to the person with whom you are communicating.

"Social simulation is a very interesting category of use cases where a robot can simulate a character in a social interaction to teach humans how to improve on a given task," explains Samer Al Moubayed, CEO of Furhat Robotics. For example, one of our clients in the Netherlands, Rabobank, is using Furhat to train its employees so that they are more efficient in giving bad news to customers. And you can raise the same idea in different scenarios, such as training people to provide better customer service or practice your interviewing technique if you are looking for a job. In each of these examples, the robot [act] as a tool for humans to rehearse, and improve on any task they are trying to perform. ?



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The idea of ??training an employee making them talk to a robot sounds strange, but, in reality, it could be quite useful: in those jobs in which the attention time for the public is important, a robot like Furhat's could Help employees simulate difficult conversations before having to live them for real. Doctors already use robots to train for medical procedures, in the army simulations are used to prepare for war zone scenarios … why not use robots for customer service training?

"Another thing that distinguishes Furhat is the powerful SDK that allows developers to create the world's most advanced applications for social robots," continued Al Moubayed. ?The truly immersive and useful applications are the holy grail of social robotics, and that is where we believe Furhat to stand out. Furhat is available and ready to be implemented in the real world and its cost will depend on the application to which it is intended.

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