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Fortnite also be exclusive to the Galaxy Tab S4


Fortnite also be exclusive to the Galaxy Tab S4

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August 6, 2018

Fornite exclusivity Galaxy Tab S4

Samsung It has prepared very well the landing of its new top devices, the Galaxy Note 9 and the Galaxy Tab S4. The reason is none other than the exclusive agreement you have reached with Epic Games, since the developer will offer a period of 4 months exclusive to Note 9, something that seems to be replicated also to the new Galaxy Tab S4 tablet, since a filtered APK has let it see.

The Galaxy Tab S4 also wants to play Fortnite

In XDA-Developers they have achieved by magic a supposed Fortnite APK, a package that they have obviously dissected and in whose bowels they have found frankly interesting information. Basically, the application will check when the type of device on which it is running starts, in order to control the issue of exclusivity and not allow its use on other devices.

This check reviews a series of parameters that will verify that the device is a Galaxy Note 9, however, what has drawn attention to the curious XDA-Developers is that there are also references for the Galaxy Tab S4. This obviously means that the tablet with stylus can also run Fortnite during that period of exclusivity, so finally there could be two Android devices that will run Fortnite before Christmas.

Beware of getting a unit before launch

The source code also hides a second check related to the personal account that the user has in Epic, since to complete the validation process, the account must be included in the company's white list, so you will have to take care of do not run the application days before the launch of the devices in case of possible ban. Recall that the official Fortnite application will not be available on the Google Play Store, so its distribution will be officially made through the Epic Games website when the exclusive with Samsung has finished. Meanwhile, the APKs extracted from the new devices will multiply as spores all over the internet, and it will be there when users are more alert before possible threats.

Will Samsung DeX be compatible with Fortnite?

That is the question we all ask ourselves after knowing the incorporation of Galaxy Tab S4 as an exclusive compatible terminal. The desktop mode of the tablet seems like the perfect way to play Fortnite, since with a keyboard and a mouse connected by Bluetooth we could play comfortably as if we were doing it on a PC. At the moment there is no information to confirm it, so we will have to wait until August 9 to get out of doubt with the Galaxy Note 9 presentation conference that Samsung will hold in New York.