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Facebook also remove likes from posts

Facebook is very likely to end eliminating the ?like? figure in posts of your social network. In fact, Instagram is already testing this novelty in 7 countries, including Canada and Brazil.

Instead of showing the number of likes that a publication has, the social network only shows a couple of names of friends and / or followers in common that they have liked.

The idea of ??this initiative is to prevent users from constantly comparing themselves to others and feeling bad if their publications do not receive as many likes as they imagined.

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Facebook and the elimination of likes, an intelligent strategy

From the company of the social network they assure that they will do this to contribute to the improvement of the self-esteem of their users. But in reality this strategy is also designed to keep your social networks more active. That is, if the likes are not shown, users will not delete their posts even if they do not have enough likes and many more people continue to use the social network.


As you can see in the screenshot that we have shared below (Jane Manchun Wong goes) the social network shows how a couple of users have liked but does not show the figure. What we can continue to see is the number of comments and the number of times the publication has been shared.

For the moment, from Facebook they have not yet wanted to share any data about the results of the withdrawal of the number of likes in the social network Instagram. Nor do we know exactly their motives, but if they see that the use or advertising revenue decreases during this period of testing, they surely do not continue with the initiative.