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EmuPs3 can't emulate PS3 on Android, it's a scam

The Mountain View company is constantly introducing new measures to make theGoogle Play Store Be a safe place. But thefilters that applications pass before being publicly available are still not enough, because from time to time they slipscams like the one at hand. And they can only suppose a loss of time for the users, but in other cases they also suppose ariskfor your privacy or for the normal functioning of the device because they contain malware.

EmuPs3 is not a PS3 emulator for Android but a scam

Available on Google Play Store for free, and underearly access, the applicationEmuPs3 promises to have the ability to emulate PS3 video games on our Android mobile devices. Something complicated, really, because RPCS3 does it on PC, but with serious difficulties –For some video games. And obviously, the benefits of an Android device, at the hardware level, are much more limited. Be that as it may, this is something that many users do not know or even stop to think, which is why this app already has more than 100,000 downloads in the Google Play Store.

Between thepermissions requesting this application is thefull access to the device's network connections. Fortunately you do not have access to our photographs, for example, or other sensitive and private files. What he has is a'tutorial' that should serve to emulate video games and that, in reality, is nothing more thanan advertising loop from link to link, and with pop-ups that can download malware on our device.

Be careful with these types of applications and, when detected,denounce it in the Google Play Store to be removed as soon as possible. Whenever it is available, it is necessary to review the rating of the application and the valuations of other users to check if it is an application that fulfills what it promises or, as in this case, it is not more than a scam that has managed to skip the filters of Google for Play Store applications.