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Do you need tablets with notch?


Do you need tablets with notch?

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August 18, 2018

When imagining a newcomer device from the future, many may think of a team with borderless display that extends the image on each side without limits. And the bigger the screen, the better. Gradually, manufacturers are getting it, and although there are great advances such as the incorporation of the fingerprint reader on the screen, there are other decisions that do not end up liking so much. And we obviously talk about notch.

iPhone X, it all started with you

IPhone X screen

The launch of the iPhone X It was summed up in a single feature: the notch. Apple decided to take a step forward by removing the main button to gain space in the lower bezel of the screen, but because the technology of the integrated fingerprint reader on the screen was not fully developed, the manufacturer took a new system out of the sleeve with which can implement a security method to the device.

This is how Face ID was born, an extremely advanced facial recognition system that, with the help of an infrared sensor and the front camera, managed to recognize faces immediately just by hovering its head over the terminal. The problem of including this system is that the upper bezel still needs space to house these sensors, so to continue giving the feeling of infinite screen, they decided to skirt the sensors until they find the design we know today.

A very annoying eyebrow

iPhone Xs Plus with the Horizontal Calendar app

Comments about the notch implementation They soon appeared. There were many who set fire to the stake in which to immediately launch Apple's work, not for its performance, but for the execution. The way in which the applications adapted to the step was not adequate, and many failed to understand what advantages this superior cut entailed, something that immediately bothered the system status icons.

The notch fashion

Front and back trim of Mate 20 lite

But fashion arrived. The eyebrow fell into the audience, and once again, Apple managed to turn its proposal into a trend. The manufacturers did not take in adapting the design, and there was even an eyebrow in terminals that did not have a facial recognition system. However, in the meantime notch, there is a manufacturer that remains on the sidelines, betting on a different design. It's Samsung, which with its curved screens They manage to offer a different air by rushing the side bezels to the maximum and squeezing millimeters in the upper and lower bezels (this year more than ever in the Galaxy Note 9). Of course, the fingerprint reader placed on the back, but also include facial recognition in a few millimeters.

Will the notch reach the tablets?

The evolution of the market tells us that it is surely Apple that launches into the pool with a new iPad with notch. There are rumors that ensure that this will be the case, since evidence has been found in the code of iOS 12, where we talk about the use of Face ID on the iPad. However, this does not mean that the notch will appear, since they could also keep the camera and the infrared sensor placed on the upper bezel of the new tablet as in the current models, something that is also talked about in other rumors.

The question of whether a notch is necessary or could not have many answers. The future of the eyebrow could be pending in a thread if the development of the fingerprint readers integrated in the screen follows the good pace it carries. Xiaomi He already showed that placing the front camera in a corner of the screen was not a bad option, and even Oppo He dared to hide it with a more complex mechanism to give full prominence to the infinite screen.

On a personal level, I think that a tablet could live perfectly with a short bezel to house the camera and another additional sensor. The presence of a notch would only stain the design of the screen, which being treated in most cases of 10 inches, we would feel as if a stain were present at all times in front of us. The market rules, but it may not be the most appropriate option.