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Completely disable animations in the Tiles of the Windows 10 start menu

W10 Tiles

Definitely One of the most important changes brought by Windows 10 was the inclusion of a new and renewed start menu, a menu that unified the best of Windows 7 with the best of Windows 8, thus achieving a more classic and traditional look but together with a series of useful in the style of Windows 8, without a doubt a success and a decision applauded by the public in general.

These types of tiles have the possibility of being interactive and showing animations on them., for example, the news of the day can be passed automatically, show us offers or similar actions, something that in principle can be useful, but as for tastes are the configurations, today let's see how easily we can avoid this kind of animations.

The method is simple, just We must do the following:

  1. Access the system registry through Regedit
  2. Access HKEY_CURRENT_USER> Software> Microsoft> Windows> CurrentVersion> PushNotifications
  3. Create a new registry key of type DWORD and with the name NoTileApplicationNotification
  4. Give it the value 1
  5. Restart the system
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<p>If we have followed the steps, we will be asking the system not to apply notifications to the tiles, or what is the same, <strong>that deactivate the notifications of those who tried to implement this method</strong>, so that everyone is <em>blueprints</em> and not interactive.</p>
<p>As always happens in those cases, <strong>If we are interested in resetting this configuration, it will be sufficient to delete the password we have created and restart our computer again.</strong>, as easy as that.</p>
<p>Thus, <strong>if you are not interested in seeing this kind of animations and want to stop them all at once</strong> And without the possibility of continuing to use this functionality, today we have brought you a simple trick with which you will achieve your goal in a matter of seconds, safely and completely reversible.</p>
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