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Cicret: revolutionary bracelet or bracelet that turns the skin into a touch screen – Digital Trends Espaol

revolutionary cicret bracelet or bracelet that turns the skin into a cricret2 touch screen 0

In November 2014, four French entrepreneurs launched a video of a bracelet or bracelet concept called Cicret, which can turn the skin of the forearm into a touch screen.

Today, four months later, the concept becomes a reality with the presentation of the first prototype integrating a picoprojector ?(peak = very small), which projects the image on our arm at a very low angle, while eight sensors detect the pulsations and gestures that we make on a screen projected on our skin, although it is wet.

The Cicret bracelet that works on any skin color and in broad daylight, is paired with a mobile device to navigate, read emails, watch movies and originate or answer calls as if we were handling a phone or tablet.

Its developers want to make the project possible and have resorted to the massive financing system or crowdfounding going PayPal, to cover the almost 900,000 dollars (850,000 Euros), which will cover production costs and legal expenses.

Here is the video so you can see how it works:

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