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Beware of the deceptive messages you receive on WhatsApp

The security of our mobile devices is one of the things we should be careful with today. It is in these devices that we have stored data regarding bank accounts, addresses, passwords, contacts, etc. and there are always people looking to cause problems and steal all this information.

One of the applications we use most daily is WhatsApp and daily we live with chains that send us some contacts. These range from a simple image of good morning we all love our tas and even those that include a link where you request to enter personal data.

It is with these last ones that we have to be careful and recently Oaxaca's Cyber ??Police It has found a virus that is in the following chain:

According to the data, if we enter the link we will give access to all the private information stored in our smartphone and this may be used by third parties for bad practices. This message can reach us through a contact or as in my case, through an unknown number.

Given this, the Cyber ??Police Unit provides the following recommendations to safeguard our security:

Has it happened to you? Tell us your experience in the comments, we are reading.