Apple launches iOS 13.2 Beta with Deep Fusion and many more news

Apple launches iOS 13.1.1 fix errors

In an unusual move, Apple just released iOS 13.1.1 for your devices, an update for which it has not previously launched any Beta and that solves some bugs that were not fixed with the past iOS 13.1.1

Problems with battery life, with restoration of backups, with Siri and other small mistakes are included in this version that is now available to install on our devices. More details below.

The problems that fix this update to iOS 13.1.1 They are:

  • Fixes a bug that caused restoring a backup to fail
  • Fixes a problem that causes the battery to run out faster
  • Fix a problem with the recognition of requests to Siri on the latest iPhone models
  • Solve a problem in Safari followed with your suggestions even if you deactivate them
  • Solve problems with Reminders
  • Fix a security flaw with third-party keyboards.

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