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Amazon and Apple will be under investigation for possible monopoly

Amazon signed an agreement with Manzana in 2018 to sell iPhone models directly on its website. The corporate society is being investigated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). According to The Verge, the FTC intends to evaluate the impact of the agreement on the market, in which Amazon intermediary act in the sales of other merchants.

This is because the association allowed Manzana have control over who may or may not resell their products. In theory, the agreement was made to prevent smuggling devices from being sold on Amazon. In practice, it has caused hundreds of legal distributors to stop offering refurbished and cheaper products.

Amazon notifies Apple product distributors of such change

The seller John bumstead I used the Amazon market to sell Reconditioned MacBooks and confirm The verge that had been heard by representatives of the FTC According Bumstead, They wanted to know how the agreement between the companies impacted their business.


The seller said that I received a notification from Amazon in which he was informed about the new rules and months after I stopped using the market. The company has not completely withdrawn from these distributors, but Apple's authorization requirement to sell its products has prevented many from being present.

This agreement could generate a complaint for monopoly reasons, a very important issue in the electronic device market, since Apple will use the rules to establish, for example, a minimum price for these distributors to market their products. The lawsuit could also lead to punishment for Amazon, which is already under investigation in Europe.

The European Commission wants to know if the company is adopting anti-competitive practices to gain advantage over market vendors. According to the regulators, the company has access to the data of all purchases and will be able to take advantage of them to overcome the competition.