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All the news. Social Share and more

We already have information of what we will see in version 7.1 of the Google Camera in the Pixels, in fact, we can already download it from APK Mirror. And it is based a lot on the social, on the ability to instantly share our photos. Something of the most interesting and now we will see how it works.

Google Camera v7.1. Social Share and more

Version 7.0 already offered major changes in the application. To be able to focus on the infinite in the night mode, an option focused on astrophotography. A type of photography that until now was unthinkable in a mobile phone. And now that you can create great compositions at any time of the day with the camera of your phone … What if you share it?

There is some aesthetic change that we already saw in version 7.0 and some change of nomenclature that we see in this version, such as the names of aspect ratios, for example, that have become wide cropfor 16: 9 ("wide clipping" translated literally, because with 16: 9 we don't take advantage of the full size of the sensor but see more of the image) and 4: 3 has come to be called full image,that is, full image.

But the most important thing is the new option to share, which allows us to share our last photo quickly and easily. How? Well, in the lower right, where we usually find a circle with a small preview of the last photo, because now we will find a new option.

The circle with the preview, which serves to access the galley, remain. But now if we slide up we will get different social networks to be able to share it directly. We will choose the networks that will appear there from the options.

GCam 7.1

Another interesting option is that you will be able to start a video recording by pressing and holding the shutter button, similar to how we would do it in apps like Instagram for our stories. Something that would be appreciated if you want to start a recording quickly so you don't have to swipe between the options.

Speaking of videos, something curious has happened. Now the 720p option disappears, leaving only the 4K or 1080p option. We assume that phones that cannot record 4K will continue to maintain 720p options. But for most modern phones, we will no longer have the option to record in HD, we will have to do it in Full HD or in 4K.

And finally, for less photographic users, the Google camera will now give you some tips to make the photo look better. Things like "lift the camera for a better angle" or the like. Interesting right?